Binit Ghimire Discovered Facebook DNS Record Vulnerabile

Binit Ghimire from Bharatpur Chitwan has discovered the vulnerability of DNS records on Facebook. In December 2020 he reported the security vulnerability on Facebook. He says that there would be a malfunctioning character that could assert sub-domain by misusing that vulnerability.
Facebook presented his report on Tuesday and he was awarded US$ 50 or Nepalis 50,000 rupees. By the same time, he was the third Nepalese to appear on the Facebook White Hat thanksgiving page three times in a row.
Binit Ghimire was a Graduate student in computer engineering at United technical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan. He was also a Full-Stack web Developer and web penetration tester.
He also found different security problems in different Multinational Companies and receives awards from 70 different Multinational Companies, Institutes, and Universities around the world.