Digital Wallets in Nepal

Digital wallets

In the computerized world where everything is digitized, there is nothing to be surprised if we hear about money making that transition. Carrying heavy wallets, cards are no longer necessary now a days. With the amazing creation of digital wallets or e- wallets people have been able to make transactions through their phone. Digital wallets have taken market because it is easy to use and people don’t have to face problem of carrying cash with them.

What actually digital wallets or e-wallets mean?

Digital wallets or E-wallets can be defined as a method of performing monetary transactions through electronic devices or hand held devices. Use of mobile applications or internet to perform such transactions will be the example of mobile or e-wallet. Use of the digital wallet make the life more easier. To use the digital or e-wallet one just needs to register their account providing the number and email address. Once the registration is completed, users need to log in. By logging in to the site user can make transaction according to the balance they have on their e-wallets.

There are some digital wallets or e-wallets which are popular in Nepalese Market:


E-Sewa was developed by F1 soft, E-Sewa is most popular digital wallet in Nepalese market. With the use of E-sewa users can perform different tasks at ease. For instance user can make the payments easily via e-sewa. E-sewa also provides amazing services such as movie ticket booking, shopping payments, top ups and many more.


Khalti is an app which was launched at can infotech 2017. In just Year of time it has offered a wonderful lineup of services. With its wonderful services, it has been creating threat to e-sewa.

It provides services similar to the e-sewa. Beside this Khalti app can be used to purchase Kaspersky Anti-virus, a famous name to avoid vulnerabilities from malware, viruses. On the purchase of Kaspersky Anti-virus khalti is providing 28.5% bonus.


I-pay mobile wallet was started in 2010 .Since this time I-pay is working hard to establish itself

as an online payment gateway in Nepal. The I-pay app is available in both App store and Play store. The services that I-pay provides can be accessed through its websites. As I-pay is the subsidiary of , it is sophisticated in the field of online shopping.


Qpay is also as similar as other digital wallet. They have the features like pay, Bill payment, Fund Transfer, Withdraw. The pay feature allow its consumer to pay for the purchase they made. Fund Transfer feature enables a consumer to transfer fund between Qpay users within Qpay ecosystem.

Witthdraw feature of Qpay allow QPay consumers to withdraw funds from their QPay wallet through various QPay merchant locations, this feature can be very useful when you need instant access to funds.