First 4K Television Channel Launched in Nepal

TV Journalist Rabi Lamichhane has just launched a new 4K Television channel in Nepal on February 23, 2021, Tuesday. The name of the tv channel is Galaxy 4K.  He recently quit the most popular program (Sidha Kura Janata Sanga). While all the Nepali channels are not up to date and not even in High Definition (HD), Galaxy 4K was the first 4K TV channel launched in Nepal.

This channel uses the latest technology to provide 4K quality with deeper color, sharper image quality, clear sound quality, while others are just upgrading to HD quality.

Journalist Ravi Lamichhane was playing the role of Managing Director for Television. Aa Lamichhane claims, many viewers may be eager to experience the country’s first 4K Television Channel. He also claims that his channel was the first 4K channel in the country.

He said that “we launched new television to prioritize the voice of people and broadcast entertainment programs”.

YouTube also has to allow to upload 4K videos since 2010. After that in Sony released the first 4K projector in 2012.