Football and Technology

Everyone is curious about what will happen in the next 17 days eager to see their favorite team to lift the Fifa World Cup 2018 which is happening in Russia. With so much excitement and curiosity, everyone is watching the game with full of expectations of their teams.
Well, by staying on this topic today we will discuss about some technologies which are being used by FIFA the football governing body in this world cup.

1. VAR (Video Assistant Referee):
It is one of the recent technology which is being used by the FIFA in order to reduce the controversial decision given by the referees during the game. In the past, many games were ended in the controversy which led the opposite result in the game. Sometimes referees made mistake during the offside, potential penalties, and sometimes player misidentification as well. VAR helps to reduce those types of controversial decisions. There are four referees elected by the FIFA who watches the game in the big screen and helps referees to review that decision and give fair judgments during the game.

2. Goal Line Technology:
It is one of the best technology used by FIFA. This technology is in use before world cup as well. You must all know about the disallowed goal of Frank Lampard during FIFA World Cup 2010 against Germany in the Last 16 game which they lost by 4-1 and the decision is criticized all over the world. After that incident FIFA developed this technology and is in practice nowadays. In this technology, after a ball crosses the line in the Goal Post then the referee will be immediately notified by a signal in his watch.

Here, these are the most common technologies which are being used by FIFA in order to make the game controversy free which makes fan more excited to watch this sport.