Must have Gadget - Surface Arc Mouse

Surface Arc Mouse

Many of us might not be familiar with the surface arc mouse so here I am gonna explain about what actually a surface arc mouse is and how does it work.

The Arc Mouse is a family of portable computer mice produced by Microsoft. A mobile mouse, the device has evolved over a number of years, including special editions designed to coordinate with the company's surface family of computers. All versions of the Arc Mouse are folding and include scrolling capability, and the first version was released in 2008.

An updated version, the Arc Touch Mouse, changed the design and main interface points, and was released in 2010.Instead of folding for portability, the Touch Mouse flattens from its curved "in-use" shape. In place of the scroll wheel on the original, the second version features a capacitive touch strip for scrolling. The touch strip is speed sensitive, includes 3 buttons (1 each for page up and page down, and 1 programmable), and features haptic feedback. To match its Surface devices, Microsoft updated the design of the Arc Touch Mouse. The new design is grey and features a new touch strip. Bluetooth is used for connectivity.

The Surface Arc Mouse was announced with surface laptop. The Surface Arc Mouse replaces the buttons and touch strip with a large capacitive touch surface, and it's available in colors that match the new laptop. Bluetooth mouse, which snaps flat when not in use, is a perfect mouse for anyone who travels a lot. It takes up almost no space in bag, and connects with ease to just about anything, whether you use a laptop, Windows tablet, or even a smartphones as your traveling computer. It also happens to look fantastic. The new Surface Arc mouse ditches the traditional scroll wheel and goes for an Apple mouse-esque touch strip on top of the two buttons. You can simply use the touch strip to scroll and navigate through various windows and lists. We have to say that touch strip makes the traditional mouse design extremely appealing.