Secure Wi-Fi Router "Norton Core"

Norton Core

Norton core is a router that succeed to replace the common router with its hyper fast wifi with dependable coverage. It also protects your home network and smart devices from cyber attacks.

Now the question arises how the Norton Core keeps the connected home safe so here is the description below:

Enterprise Graded Security

Norton Core connects a symantic global intelligence network through the bunch software allowing it to protect against from most advanced threats.

Protects Unlimited Number Of Devices

The Norton Core provides security for an unlimited number of connected computers , smartphones, consoles and more. Core discovers the connected devices identifies vulnerabilities and helps secure them.

Different Features Of Norton Core

Optimized for performance and security

Norton Core has a built-in dual core processor at 1.7GHz, more memory and flash storage than other routers, to ensure optimal performance for WiFi and security features.

Dual band support for optimal connection

Norton Core at the same time transmits at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so your devices connect to the best available band.

Supercharge your signal with beamforming

Most routers transmits a signal and hope for the best. Core’s beam forming antenna tower focuses WiFi directly to devices in the distant corners of your home.

Why Norton Core

  • Norton core is built to provide coverage and high speed so that you can you can brook your favorite movies or videos in 4k, play games or download any content at the same time.

  • As mentioned above Norton Core is a secure Wi-Fi router that helps protect home network and number of connected devices against viruses, hackers and cybercriminals.

  • You can manage the home network from your connected smartphones with the Norton Core app. You can also allow or deny devices to join your network, manage Wi-Fi settings at home or while on the go.